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Our competency leaders will act as an extension of your departmental teams. Many have decades of experience in their areas of expertise including  I/T, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Merchandising, Light Industrial, and Drivers.. They will help you create job descriptions, recruit, and screen so that your team can focus on only the candidates that possess the skills for the job. They will also help manage every aspect of the scheduling, progression through the interview process, and the on-boarding of your contingent labor force.

Faster Sourcing. Best in Class Process.

Highest Value Candidates.

With our reporting you will have very clear visibility to your contingent labor spend. With that on-going visibility you will be able to flatten your rate structure and can quickly spot outliers. You can expect a 15-20% reduction in your overall spend on contingent labor with our system and process.
Your contingent labor pool is a true asset of your company. At the same time, there are numerous labor laws that you should pay special attention to. With our tools you can reach full compliance of U.S. labor laws, local guidelines, tax laws, health and safety as well as your individual HR guidelines.
L2 Source will provide the tools that you need to maintain a good balance of contractors from a list of best in class suppliers. We will help you measure the performance of every vendor and consultant, even if the consultant is represented by multiple vendors. With our processes and proprietary tools, we will reduce the administrative burden from your team.
Our unique technology will provide you with one pane of glass and a fully automated sourcing solution. With our tool, you will get pre-written statement of work, requisition management, auction-style fulfillment, fast start, onboarding, offboarding, compliance/SLA management, performance management, contractor performance and a single invoice.
Every company has nuances that cannot be dealt with via a one-size-fits-all solution. L2 Source I/P, processes and services, are customized to your specific need. We try not to disrupt the process flow, but rather work to enhance and provide an optimized, unique solution. Our approach is a very high touch model that is efficient and risk adverse. With this common-sense approach, we can deliver savings in time and hard dollars.
From need discovery, recruiting and onboarding to vendor/labor management, compliance, and performance reviews, L2 Source ensures that your sourcing program is executed to your need. Our experts and program managers will work to ensure your contingent labor program is of the highest quality in your industry. We will also ensure that it is efficient, measurable and will continuously improve so that we can return the highest ROI for you.
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